The start-up with a social vocation that supports causes and projects proposed by the community thanks to the responsible purchases of its users.

The start-up with a social vocation that supports causes and projects proposed by the community thanks to the responsible purchases of its users.

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LiberAmbiente - Capaci (PA)


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Ageless green space is the title of a challenging and ambitious project promoted by the AssociazioneLiberAmbiente in the area of Capaci, in Via Rosa Balistreri (formerly Via Primo Carnera), which aims to transform the face of an area that we have adopted and have been taking care of for some time. There will be space for everyone, where young people and adults can play, do sports and read, thus sharing moments of life in a COMMON space.


The area destined for our initiative is located within an important road axis that aims to become a place of interchange thanks to its proximity to the Kennedy Railway Station of the Palermo-Punta Raisi line.

The aim will be to give citizens, tourists and passers-by a place where they can play with their children, perhaps while reading a book or during a pleasant sports session. We will finance our initiative through crowdfunding supported by anyone who wants to lend a hand. Outdoor play and sport help stimulate intelligence and knowledge of one's physical and motor skills. The project will have modern facilities that involve everyone, and will be equipped with the necessary certifications and authorisations.


Environmentally friendly and durable playground equipment and materials will be installed. They will be made from recycled materials. Street Workout & Calisthenics is a physical activity that symbolises freedom of movement and encourages socialisation. These are key to outdoor fitness and this type of training. The equipment consists of bars of different sizes, positions and heights to suit all exercises, from pull-ups to human flags, and will be composed of combo systems that contain the possibility of performing different exercises.


The project also includes the installation of a book-sharing library in an old telephone booth. In the last few years, In Sicily, several administrations, associations, companies and citizens have joined their forces to create a common space. The project also includes a renovation of the green areas, with the planting of trees, shrubs and aromatic plants in new, colourful flowerbeds.

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