The start-up with a social vocation that supports causes and projects proposed by the community thanks to the responsible purchases of its users.

The start-up with a social vocation that supports causes and projects proposed by the community thanks to the responsible purchases of its users.

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cause name Recovery of the Archaeological Park of Streppenosa 


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Sicilia - Ragusa

​Contrada Streppenosa


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Rimboschiamo - Ragusa


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The Voluntary Organization Rimboschiamo begins its activities in October 2019 with the first sowing of acorns and is formally established in Ragusa in February 2020.


In March 2020, it stipulates an agreement with the Archaeological Park of Kamarina and Cava d'Ispica of the Sicilian Region, for the entrusting of the Mining Park of contrada Streppenosa. The park is a highland between the cities of Modica and Scicli and it is very appreciated by hikers and speleologists. It is interesting from an environmental and historical point of view for the presence of a disused mine of asphalt, which until the '50s produced asphaltic stone used for the flooring of many European capitals.


The project aims at the environmental recovery of 10 hectares of land in the Park, degraded by erosion and illegal grazing, and consists in protecting and caring for existing trees that do not grow due to grazing, and planting new native trees and shrubs. The main expected benefits are increased biodiversity, slowed erosion, recharged groundwater, and increased tourist attractiveness of the area.


The species that we are planting and recovering are olive trees, hackberry trees, holm oaks, downy oaks, carobs, buckthorns, phillyrea and mulberry trees. The seedlings are self-produced in our small nurseries or purchased from public and private forest nurseries and produced strictly from Sicilian seed to ensure the best adaptability to local conditions.


Our activities also include guided tours for families and school groups to whom we explain the importance of trees and forests.


Project numbers:

- Trees planted: 42

- Trees and shrubs recovered among those already existing: 35

- Existing trees and shrubs still to be protected and recovered: about 200

- Trees still to be planted: about 500   


The materials we purchase for our activities are:

- Metal nets and stakes with which we make the protections of individual trees

- Forestry "shelter" tubes to protect the smaller seedlings from grazing, wind and direct sun, thus increasing the chances of survival to summer drought;

- Work tools (gloves, laces, hoes, shears, etc.)

- Inocula of mycorrhizae to promote plant rooting;

- Nursery materials (compost and pots);

- Illustrative signs about the project, the flora, rules of conduct, etc.;

- Materials for environmental education initiatives (books, paper, colors, glue, scissors, etc.).

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